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New Library

Beneficiary: Community and School Children of Huisisilapa, El Salvador
Organizer: Hermanas Spokane 501(c)(3).

Make a difference in children’s lives by helping build a library in a rural ex-refugee community, Huisisilapa, San Pablo Tacachico, El Salvador.

Imagine a world without books and a life without reading. Libraries give us the opportunity to experience literacy and the love of learning. Huisisilapa, a rural, underserved community in El Salvador, wishes to advance its educational goals by facilitating access to books and the Internet. To achieve this goal, village members want to build a library for their school and community. We are supporting them, and we need your help! The goal is to raise $50,000 to build the library in Huisisilapa. We have raised half of our goal, $25,000.

Hermanas Spokane, an all-volunteer, local, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization of women from Spokane, Washington, has been supporting educational initiatives in Huisisilapa for over ten years. We have a history of assisting the community’s educational goals through a relationship of mutual respect, support, and collaboration, with the two-fold purpose of strengthening both communities.

Local community leaders have agreed that building a library is necessary to improve education and quality of life. They and we believe that the power of literacy lies foremost in an individual’s capacity to explore the world through books and technology, not only in the ability to read and write. The increased access to literacy, enabled by a library, will provide an invaluable tool in helping Huisisilapa residents shape the course of their lives.

Your donation goes a long way in El Salvador, where the cost of living is lower, but books often cost as much as in the United States. A typical Salvadoran makes only $193 per month working in retail and $90 in agriculture. Even a small donation makes a huge difference, and you will be helping others improve their own lives in a truly significant manner.

All donations are tax deductible and go directly to support the project, as we have no overhead. Once the goal of $50,000 is reached, the money will be transferred to the school in Huisisilapa for the school’s library project. Please visit our website www.hermanasspokane.org and contact us with any questions you may have at hermanasspokane.org@gmail.com.

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