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Camp Salvador

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Camp Salvador is designed to enrich the lives of the youth of both Huisisilapa, El Salvador and the Pacific Northwest of the United States. It is connected to the non-profit organization called Hermanas Spokane. The year-long training and leadership program in Spokane as well as the summer camp in El Salvador, provide an opportunity to gain important perspectives and to form connections between these two countries. Located in the village of Huisisilapa (Huisi), the summer camp is operated by selected high school camp-counselors of both countries that work together to plan and lead a week-long day camp for the middle-school-aged children of the Huisi community. In addition, the U.S. youth live with a Salvadoran family, which provides a rich cultural exchange as they experience village life. Hermanas Spokane has a 10 year relationship with the village of Huisisilapa and 2014 will be the second year for Camp Salvador.

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